The Great Unclean One – Studio’s original design

This disgusting demon is painted to the taste of our chief painter. Glistening blood guts and green skin with swollen pus under the skin. A true macabre with such a large model supplied with a 130mm round base.

The Great Unclean Ones are Nurgle’s mightiest daemons. Towering over their enemies, these living hillocks of rotting flesh lumber across the battlefield swinging their rusted weapons, vomiting streams of filth and unleashing diseased magics upon the foe. Great Unclean Ones are terrifying when roused to wrath, wading through enemy ranks, crushing foes beneath their bulk and pulping survivors with their enormous swords and flails. Some toll rusted summoning bells to draw forth fresh daemons, while others unleash terrible outbreaks of magical plague.

Color scheme: green, yellow, red

Number of models: 1

Painting level: Basic

Date: 10.2017

Studio’s original design

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