Types of Models Examples Basic Extra
Infantry Tactical Space Marine, Stormguard $20 $40
Large Infantry/ Elites Ogres, Space Marine Centurions $30 $60
Characters/ Heroes Eldar Phoenix Lords, Marneus Calgar $45 $90
Regular monsters/ Walker Dreadnought, Carnifex $75 $150
Bikes / Calvary Marine Bike, Tomb Blade, Eldar Jetbike, Dark Eldar Reavers $75 $150
Skimmer/ Chariot Space Marineland Speeder, Eldar Vyper Skimmer $100 $200
Large Monsters Vehicles Land Rider, Sylvaneth Treelord $150 $300
Huge Models Bloodthirster, Mountain King Individual pricing Individual pricing

The price includes light cleaning, assembling and priming of all models!

Basic painting level – this is our default painting method (and the most frequently chosen option by our customers). We paint most of our miniatures this way. The models are painted with a small detail and with 1-2 shading levels for each basic color. Finished with a varnish layer.

This is where our experience balances costs with quality.

We recommend it for : Infantry, Large Infantry / Elites and Regular Monsters / Walker

Extra painting level – If you want your models to have the additional effect WOW, this is the level for you. We recommend it for your favorite models and really large figures.

Models painted on this level will attract the eye to the most important characters in your army.


You can send them with figurines or ask us to buy them (cost is add to final price)

For Free – Mounting the figurines to the base and light paintinga base with few colors

+ $1,30 per base – small details and modifications e.g. stones, grass and sand

+ $2,60 per base – model stands on an elevation of rocks or debris with elements that add a unique character to the location, e.g. skulls, crystals, cables etc.

Would you like something else or it will be a display model? Write to us for  a quote.

Shipping cost: $25 and it takes 2-3 weeks depending on localization

Free delivery for orders over $100.

If your models are already painted and assembled but they have to be cleaned and repainted there is a one-time fee of $10 at the cost of removing the paint and filling the damaged parts


In case of uncertainty please write to us and ask for a quote -