Sector Mechanicus: Galvanic Servo-Haulers – Studio’s original design

It was an interesting challenge and experience. A large crane with a tractor allowed for the unusual opportunity to paint vehicles and machinery of this size. The models were done as pro publico bono for our local WH40k players club. So durability and the quality of the paint job were important. Everything was done in metallic colors to reflect their industrial character.

The 2 servohaulers themselves are remnants of ancient technology; little more than powerful engines with tracked wheels, they’re covered in iron plating, and feature a hydraulic crane and robotic arm – these pieces are interchangeable between the two. Both servohaulers feature Adeptus Mechanicus symbols and large, almost primitive exhaust systems – there’s nothing elegant here!

The crane is a much taller machine, a skeletal frame of iron holding a chain, three-clawed grabber and winch with a large engine block and Adeptus Mechanicus symbols on the sides.

Color scheme: aged silver, gold and copper

Number of models: 1

Painting level: Basic

Date: 10.2020

Studio’s original design

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