How to place an order?


Hello ! Here we will discuss how to place an order for painting models step by step.


Step 1. Firstly you have to decide how many figurines are to be painted and should they be painted on a basic or extra level (SEE pricing).

Step 1.5. If you are not sure how much it will cost ask us for a quote.

Step 2. Inform us if you :

  • send us a kit bought by you but it have to be assemble and clean up ( and don’t worry this is already included in the price of painting models!)
  • want us to buy model’s set for you?
  • have models already painted and assembled but they have to be cleaned and repainted (a one-time fee of $10 at the cost of removing the paint and filling the damaged parts)

Note: We do not cover the cost of shipping to us!

Step 3. Colors! What would you like ? Do you want your models to be painted similarly to one from our gallery? Or maybe you have chosen your own colors or would you like them to be painted according to the original palette of colors and patterns from the manufacturer?

Not really sure? Let us know and we will offer you some interesting combinations.


Step 4. Ufff ... the most important decisions are behind us! Now write to us and let us know what you have decided:

  • How many and what kind of figures
  • Should they be painted in basic or complex level
  • Should we buy a set for you or look forward for a postman with a package from you
  • Colors
  • And any additional questions if you have them.

Step 5. WE answer with price, post address to us and other information.

Step 6. If all the details have been agreed on and discussed we will wait 10 days for the money to be sent to your bank account or paypal. Only after we receive a payment confirmation and figurines we start to paint!

Step 7. When the models at the last stage of painting you receive photos and this is the moment of any corrections.

Step 8. If everything has been approved, a package full of beautifully painted figurines is sent back to you!