Chaos Space Marines Terminators – Private commission

Here is the Chaos Space Marines Terminators version created for our client. It was created based on a previously painted version of the kit for our studio -> HERE

The set contains 5 Chaos Terminator models, each of which can be equipped with a variety of white and ranged weapons. This set is also painted in cool black with a gray light gradient. The accessories are finished in gold, and the weapons are stylized to look worn with traces of rust.

Chaos Terminators are heavily armoured veterans clad in debased suits of Tactical Dreadnought armour. They form the elite of their masters’ warbands, for though they are ponderous compared to their power armour-clad comrades. Spiked trophy racks protrude from massive shoulders, the skulls of the enemy a barbaric testament to their wearer’s martial prowess. Helmets have grown into bestial masks that sprout great tusks and razored horns.

Chaos Terminators are excellent all-round fighters. Not only does their Terminator armour lend them superior survivability to other Chaos Space Marine units, but their towering size and grisly trophy racks really sets them apart on the battlefield.

Color scheme: cool black, gold accessories, rust, blue

Number of models: 5

Painting level: Extra

Date: 04.2021

Private commission

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