The Great Unclean One – Greater Daemon of Nurgle

Our first Large Individual Figurine (LIF) 😀

The Great Unclean One – the Greater Daemon of Nurgle was bought in a “bargain”, which turned out to be a new price for this model later (wrrr …)

Big, heavy and terrifying. Painted in 90 percent with our faithful airbrush and the rest with a brush. It took us a long time to figure out how to attach a hand – sword – tongue. As one adhered then the other stood out or somehow was preventing us from painting.

To sum up, The Great Unclean One’s cast wasn’t good, which is quite embarrassing at this price. Leprosy got him early but we started treatment with Green Stuff and a magnet. And here we go – the patient is put together and only with planned holes.

As they say: it is interior what counts XD

Painting level: complex

Height: 110 mm

Number of figures: 1

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  • Mr. Hobby, mr.  Surfacer 1200 – szary
  • Mr hobby color h92
  • Vallejlo 72.032 Escorpena Green, 72.011 Gory red
  • Vallejlo model Air 71.078 Gold, 71.094 Green, 71.102 Red, 71.075 Sand, 71.001 White
  • Vallejlo model color 70.957 Flat Red, 70.812 Violet Red
  • Tamiya color acrylic paint mini xf-27 black Green, x-4 Blue



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